Jan 08

Back x Project Life

Hello! It’s been a long time since I last updated this blog. So much has happened since the last time and I decided to bring this back to life now that I’ve taken on a new project.

Last year, or from December 2011-November 2012, I was determined to finish PAD or Photo-a-day project. Yes, I was able to finish the entire 366 days. With the help of my phone and a few apps, I was able to make it. It wasn’t really to showcase my photography skills (or lack thereof) but really to record memories one photo everyday. It didn’t matter that I had sucky/blurred/noisy/senseless photos on some days, it was more about the memory tagged on each shot. I also had photos the entire December 2012 for December Daily.

And then it hit me. What to do with the photos after? I planned to make photobooks out of them but I’m too backlogged to even have the energy to continue doing the layouts. I only got to week 3, I think! But all the photos are already collaged (except for DD) so I know someday I’ll be able to do something about it.

This year, I added some more memory-keeping tools and I’m faced with the same dilemma. My online-turned-real-life friends have been talking about Project Life for the longest time. They even started an FB group, and added me, where everybody can push each other to finish the project. I realized that Project Life is the answer to my dilemma. And the key is to not miss on any week. I MUST be able to finish the weekly spread not later than Tuesday each week. It’s Tuesday today, and yes, I’m done with Week 1 :) I decided to go digital this year because I have no space for hybrid projects. I promise to have the pages printed because that’s when satisfaction is achieved, I think.

So what is Project Life? I’ll tell you in my next post :)


Aug 12

Freebie Alert: Goodies from Digital Design Essentials

I have always wondered whatever happened to Gina Cabrera, a talented digiscrap/digital designer. Well thanks to Zanne of Digiscraptology, I found out that Gina took a break from designing and is now back in the grind. And how else can someone return, but with a bang, right? DDE is giving away a free full collection called Digitally Smitten! Just look at this loads of awesomeness:

digitally smitten DDEDigitally Smitten DDEdigitally smitten DDE digitally smitten DDETo download these goodies, visit the DDE website.


Aug 10

Flip Book Proposal

I find this really cute, unique and creative:

Jonathan’s proposal to Lindsey from Jonathan Lundberg on Vimeo.

It started as an idea to give away during their wedding day as souvenirs but it turned out to be the actual day Jonathan proposed to Lindsey.


Jan 15

Words for Words

There are more to –nym words than just Synonyms and Antonyms :) I studied these terms in Grammar 101, but you know how and ageing mind is, it forgets. So here’s a nifty guide (some of them at least, because there are dozens out there!) to remind you that there words to classify, well, words:

Acronym: An abbreviation, pronounced as a word, consisting of the initial letters of a multiword name or expression; i.e. scuba for self contained underwater breathing apparatus.

Anepronym: A trademarked brand name now used generically, such as aspirin, xerox or kleenex.

Antonym: A word with opposite meaning with another; i.e. near is an antonym of far.

Eponym: A proper or common name deriving from another name, as San Francisco (in honor of St. Francis) or many scientific terms, such as watt (named after James Watt) and volt (from Allesandro Volta).

Heteronym: A word spelled (and usually pronounced) the same way but with different meanings, such as pen (writing instrument) as opposed to pen (an enclosure for sheep or pigs).

Pseudonym: A name adopted by an author (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson = Lewis Carroll), performing artists (stage names instead of real name), or handles (chat names etc).

Synonym: A word with the same meaning as another, such as small, as compared to little.

Toponym: A place name, whether it retains capitalization, or is lowercased in generic usage, such as manila.


Jan 11

Promises Made to be Broken? | Free Fonts for Peas

I know I said I will update more often but see, I broke that promise to myself again. Taking a long break from working and blogging (yes not just in this site) was definitely not good for me since I have the tendency to stall a bit more after vacationing.

Anyway, for anything artsy, you might find these free fonts interesting. Click the image to download.


I love handwritten fonts, they’re best for journaling! Thanks to Kevin and Amanda for always always giving away free fonts. I know the new fonts were made available in December but what the heck, they’re still up (even the old ones are still live), so light as well grab and use them when we still can, right?


Jan 03

Ending the Drought!

This blog has been neglected long enough that I am starting to get really guilty about it. I started this blog to have an outlet of my artistic side (as if I have any LOL!) and to share anything artsy. I will try my best to update, even if it means updating just once or twice a week.

New year, new life!

Wish me luck! LOL!


Nov 08


It’s been a while since the last post. Too much is happening in real life.

But I scrapped, shopped, worked and did some writing (a.k.a updating in other and new blogs). Must find time to share those.

I am just dropping this quick note to let you know that I am still alive ;)


Oct 03

New Project, New Tools

Just about a few weeks ago, an idea came to me. There was this one product that tickled my fancy so I bought it. And like a bulb that lit inside my head, I knew right away what I’d do with my purchase. Yesterday, I was able to withdraw some online job earnings and I finally invested on tools. I did a run on my new some-kinda-geeky toys and I liked how my mock-up turned out to be what I imagined it would be. I just need to “polish” on some steps and I am good to go.

My layouts (or at least one of the sets) are done and I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. I wish I can share what I did but that will have to wait. For now I need to level down my energy and try to sleep. TTYL!


Sep 25

Font Hunt

For the longest time, I was bugging my friend Zanne to tell me which font she used for her scrap blog. But since her laptop (or external hard drive) crashed, she could not find the .psd file of her header thus she can’t also name the font. Here’s a screen cap of part of the header:

zanneheader_digi Then I had a sudden inspiration to ask around and someone mentioned four fonts:



While nothing seemed to be a perfect match, I appreciate that someone actually tried to help me. Kolibri I think is the nearest match. And since I am not too particular with every stroke, I am happy with these discoveries. However, if you have leads on the original one, I’d be a happy camper too! :D


Sep 21

Pardon Me!

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I got awfully busy with work and other activities. Things started to wind down on Saturday evening and I got to enjoy the rest of my weekend. I planned on blogging here but the creative juices got sucked out of me because of work. I actually have stuff marked as “for sharing” but even organizing that is a task already. I guess I am tired.

I promise to return with better updates so please do visit again! :D