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May 30

Cherished Memories | Artscow Freebie Kit

A friend, Ate Jen, went back to kit designing and joined the Designers’ contest over at Artscow. Here’s her kit:


Wonderful, isn’t it? This is exclusive to Artscow members for a limited time only, so maybe you would like to grab your chance now? If you fancy what you see, go add this kit to your account (which counts as a vote too). GO TO THE KIT AND CLICK THE ADD BUTTON.

If you are not a member yet, click here to register.


May 29

Chic Planners from Artisan Design Studio

While browsing Etsy, I found these really cute planners:

Artisanplanner Artisanplanner2

These are by Artisan Design Studio and I am delighted to find out that the artist hails from this country, specifically from the south city of Davao. The planners are customized and you can even request to start the year any month you like. It means not having to wait for New Year to start writing on it! Each planner retails for $35 plus shipping. I say, not bad for a customized planner, eh? I am still thinking if it will be practical to buy one for myself because I hardly write, as in literally write with a pen and paper these days (unless I am doing the weekly menu and grocery list!).

**images from the Etsy shop.


May 27

Artscow 9×7 Photo Book Coupon


Here is another reason for me to continue working on Klaire’s photos and turn them into books! Artscow recently sent out codes for 6 20-paged 9×7 photo books and I already have in mind what I to do with them. Only I must really work on the photos, execution is the key! :) The code is 20P97BKS and is valid up to a month. You must validate it before 3 June and if you are not yet a member, then I guess this is a perfect time. Click here to register


May 25

Mark Twain’s Autobiography Revealed this Year

Mark Twain’s wish to publish his memoirs 100 years after his death is coming true this year. The creator of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn died in 1910. He dedicated the last decade of his life into writing his story. I say that this is a genius wish because people will continue to remember him long after he was gone. And I guess this will also spark interest among young readers prolonging the legacy that Mr. Twain left behind.

Read the rest of the story here.


May 22

I Miss Writing.

I am not claiming to be a very good writer nor have I written something that can make the reader say “Why didn’t I think of that?!” But I miss writing. I miss writing stuff that comes from the heart and even those pieces that I can proudly claim to have been well-thought of. These days, I always feel like I am racing against time. The results? Half-baked output. I know I am capable of writing more meaningful entries. I am an emotional being so I just know that I can channel my feelings and turn them into some art that I have always wanted to create. Maybe I am not trying hard enough?

This entry is a rant – a masked rant of how I am mismanaging my time :|


May 19

LO Share: Tickled By Her Angel

Here is another layout I was able to finish before iNSD:


Credits: Template by Chrissy W, Ink Splatter by Tracy Ann, Stitching by Syrin, Tag by Eva Kipler, Everything else from Blissful Kit by Zoe Pearn (SSD)

Journaling reads: “There is an old Filipino saying that when a baby laughs by herself, her Angel just might be playing with her. I think that’s what happened on that day when we left Abi on the bed. Next thing we knew, she was cooing and smiling and looking up. Good thing Badong was able to capture the moment because I am quite sure that our baby was being tickled by her Angel. 11 April 2009.”

This is the last page that I did before I decided to work on the baptism photo book (already half way done as of this writing) so technically, I was not being idle with my scrapping needs. :) I was also able to turn Klaire’s birthday AVP into a 60-paged 5×7 photo book which I already ordered from Artscow. At least now I am sure that K has an album of her days before she turned a year old ;)


May 15

{i}NSD Loots

Weeks after the iNSD was over, I am posting my loots. This is simply because I have not had the chance to play with all my purchases since unzipping them all! That is definitely something to be guilty about. I should stop buying if I do not plan on using them all, right? So again, I am posting the loots that I may be “pushed” to work on my pages!

kcbarrowbartolini-amotherslove-preview folder folder folder folder takeflight-pp-pip dunia-upsidedown folder folder folder fqb_perfectpair_LRG

Yes! All these plus the ones I already posted earlier! I told you I need to start working my arse off and put these goodies to use!


May 13

Dear Hacker.

And you did it again! :| This is not funny anymore, not funny at all. Please know that I am just a simple work-from-home mommy and a blogger whose intention is to share a part of me in the world wide web. If that is not easy to understand, it means: that thing you do stresses me out big time! And can you please attack someone else’s blog if you must? Attack someone who knows to fight you fair and square. Do not be a coward and punch someone who is helpless.

You bet I am going to seek a web developer’s help this time to make sure that you will never touch me again.




May 12

LO Share: Mixed Feeding

Hello all! I haven’t recovered from the long weekend yet. My body is telling me to go rest early tonight. I think I am going to oblige so I could officially start my week. I know it’s almost hump day but KWIM right? I am going to leave you tonight with one of my layouts of Klaire’s old pictures:


I am still not on track with my scrapping but I am trying my best to be updated. I pray for more energy!

Until the next one! :)


May 09

Artscow Codes for 5pcs 30-paged 8×8 Photo Books



Here’s another reason for me to work work work on Klaire’s photo books: Artscow just sent out coupons 5 30-pages 8×8 photo books (pay for shipping only)! The catch is that I will have to finish my books in a month, so I will do major scrapping cramming if I want to avail of this wonderful offer. I have been ordering prints from Artscow and I am happy with what I get. Even if the prints are shipped from HK, I still find Artscow service cheaper than having my photos printed here. If you are already a member, check your mailbox and get the code for validation.

If you are not hooked up yet, click here to register. You will be given automatic print credits for 5×7 and 4×6 photos and photo book. Join us! ;)