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Aug 12

Freebie Alert: Goodies from Digital Design Essentials

I have always wondered whatever happened to Gina Cabrera, a talented digiscrap/digital designer. Well thanks to Zanne of Digiscraptology, I found out that Gina took a break from designing and is now back in the grind. And how else can someone return, but with a bang, right? DDE is giving away a free full collection called Digitally Smitten! Just look at this loads of awesomeness:

digitally smitten DDEDigitally Smitten DDEdigitally smitten DDE digitally smitten DDETo download these goodies, visit the DDE website.


Aug 10

Flip Book Proposal

I find this really cute, unique and creative:

Jonathan’s proposal to Lindsey from Jonathan Lundberg on Vimeo.

It started as an idea to give away during their wedding day as souvenirs but it turned out to be the actual day Jonathan proposed to Lindsey.


Oct 03

New Project, New Tools

Just about a few weeks ago, an idea came to me. There was this one product that tickled my fancy so I bought it. And like a bulb that lit inside my head, I knew right away what I’d do with my purchase. Yesterday, I was able to withdraw some online job earnings and I finally invested on tools. I did a run on my new some-kinda-geeky toys and I liked how my mock-up turned out to be what I imagined it would be. I just need to “polish” on some steps and I am good to go.

My layouts (or at least one of the sets) are done and I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. I wish I can share what I did but that will have to wait. For now I need to level down my energy and try to sleep. TTYL!


Sep 25

Font Hunt

For the longest time, I was bugging my friend Zanne to tell me which font she used for her scrap blog. But since her laptop (or external hard drive) crashed, she could not find the .psd file of her header thus she can’t also name the font. Here’s a screen cap of part of the header:

zanneheader_digi Then I had a sudden inspiration to ask around and someone mentioned four fonts:



While nothing seemed to be a perfect match, I appreciate that someone actually tried to help me. Kolibri I think is the nearest match. And since I am not too particular with every stroke, I am happy with these discoveries. However, if you have leads on the original one, I’d be a happy camper too! :D


Aug 04

Nikki Epperson’s August Grab Bag

This caught my attention, saw it in Diane’s feeds while I was going through my reader:


Image is clickable, it will lead you to the Digichick store. This grab bag is sold for only $3.50 and Diane tells me that for that prize. it is really worth it. The product description says there are 4 12×12 templates. That alone is a good deal but D says there is a surprise! It’s not called grab bag for nothing, ayt? I am this close to hitting that “add to cart” button!!

After shopping for kits, templates are what I need to jumpstart my scrapping. I need to take advantage of the downtime with work! Wish me luck (DD’s nanny just left, so heaven help me!).


Jul 10

FREE Fonts from Scrap N Fonts

If you are a scrapper and a font junkie like me, then this just might excite you: Scrap N Fonts is giving away 15 free fonts you can download and use right away. Just add to your cart and you will not be charged anything when you checkout.

SNF Free Fonts


Jul 01

Five Year Old Sofia Coppola Sings Lupang Hinirang

I stumbled upon the home recording of the young Sofia Coppola singing part of the Philippines’ National Anthem, Lupang Hinirang. The recording was actually initiated the Oscar nominated director’s dad, Francis Ford Coppola. The old Coppola was then interviewing the young Sofia and asking her to talk to her future adult self.


This is a good idea. Maybe when Klaire can effectively communicate, we can record interviews like this too. I am sure K will appreciate it when she’s older!


Jun 29

Free Kit for Ali Edwards via SSD | Memories Kit

If you haven’t yet, you might want to hurry and grab the freebie kit for Ali Edwards exclusively offered by Sweet Shoppe Designs (one of my favorite digital scrapbooking stores!). I am not sure until when this will be up so might as well hop on over there and DL it right away.

ssd_memories Click the image to download. This kit includes a font and two 12×12 template to help you get started with a page. Do not miss this chance! Enjoy!


Jun 23

Angel on Earth | And I Should Really be Scrapping Again!

Just the other day, I blogged something nice in my oldest blog. Yes, I have three new kits in my stash and I never thought I’d have some new ones again that soon. See I haven’t even played with all the stuff I got from iNSD and I shopped after that weekend too! This post is just to share my loots and maybe to remind myself also that I badly need to scrap once again ;)

This is the one I was drooling for before I received the GC:


Such a beauty isn’t it? The pages of the CT are also wonderful that they prompted me to buy this :) And here are the two other kits after I got the GC:



These kits are really inspiring me to sit down and work on my pages. But first let me thank my Angel on Earth. You know who you are. Thank you!


Jun 19

Free Collab Kit from Jessica Sprague


Jessica’s site is THREE years old! She and her designer friends came up of a huge collab kit & they are giving it for free PLUS a chance to win in a special raffle for completing a quote included in the 33 mini kits! Yes! Thirty-three! You, or We need to blog-hop and follow the trail to get all mini-kits. Fun, fun! I started mine already and I hope to finish right away because today’s going to be busy! Click the image to go to spot#1 :)