Category: Etsy

May 29

Chic Planners from Artisan Design Studio

While browsing Etsy, I found these really cute planners:

Artisanplanner Artisanplanner2

These are by Artisan Design Studio and I am delighted to find out that the artist hails from this country, specifically from the south city of Davao. The planners are customized and you can even request to start the year any month you like. It means not having to wait for New Year to start writing on it! Each planner retails for $35 plus shipping. I say, not bad for a customized planner, eh? I am still thinking if it will be practical to buy one for myself because I hardly write, as in literally write with a pen and paper these days (unless I am doing the weekly menu and grocery list!).

**images from the Etsy shop.