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Nov 08


It’s been a while since the last post. Too much is happening in real life.

But I scrapped, shopped, worked and did some writing (a.k.a updating in other and new blogs). Must find time to share those.

I am just dropping this quick note to let you know that I am still alive ;)


Oct 03

New Project, New Tools

Just about a few weeks ago, an idea came to me. There was this one product that tickled my fancy so I bought it. And like a bulb that lit inside my head, I knew right away what I’d do with my purchase. Yesterday, I was able to withdraw some online job earnings and I finally invested on tools. I did a run on my new some-kinda-geeky toys and I liked how my mock-up turned out to be what I imagined it would be. I just need to “polish” on some steps and I am good to go.

My layouts (or at least one of the sets) are done and I am happy with what I was able to accomplish. I wish I can share what I did but that will have to wait. For now I need to level down my energy and try to sleep. TTYL!


Sep 21

Pardon Me!

I know it’s been a while since my last post. I got awfully busy with work and other activities. Things started to wind down on Saturday evening and I got to enjoy the rest of my weekend. I planned on blogging here but the creative juices got sucked out of me because of work. I actually have stuff marked as “for sharing” but even organizing that is a task already. I guess I am tired.

I promise to return with better updates so please do visit again! :D


Aug 28

Reading Books

I have been reading. That explains my absence and long break between posts in this blog. Plus I am working on a new project, a new baby (think another blog, LOL).

Anyway, I finished two books by Emily Giffin: Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Something Borrowed was written from the point of view of the main character Rachel. It is about love and friendship, and the line that separates both kinds of relationships. And then the story kind of continues in Something Blue from the point of view of Darcy, this time, who is Rachel’s best friend of 25 years. Both are light read but I liked the first book better. I wish I have more time to talk/write right now but let’s just say that I’m blogging on borrowed time, hehe.

Now I am half-way through Cecilia Ahern’s There’s No Place Like Here. I got curious about this book because the author is the same one who wrote P.S. I Love You. But I was surprised that this book I am reading now is more on the fantasy side. I was bored the first couple of chapters but the story picked up soon after. And I am hooked. Again I will return for the review (hopefully).

Talk to you all soon!


Aug 19

Scrapping (and Reading)

Tasks aren’t too many and little K has been really cooperative sleeping early for the past few days. So I find that I have more Me time. Scrapping mojo is here. I opened my PS last night and realized that I have a pending layout that only needs a title and some brushing up! I actually forgot all about it :| I felt so lost I got all sleepy before I finished it. However, even if I did not finish it yet, I have another page already on the works. So not bad at all considering that my last layout was months ago!

And I am back reading. After finishing “Love the One You’re With” by Emily Giffin (I am hoping to write a review about it), I got interested in other books of the same author. I am currently reading “Something Borrowed,” a movie adaptation of which is about to be released. I can’t stop flipping the pages, rather clicking the pages, because I want to know what happens to Rachel, Dex and Darcy! I love that my friends are book lovers too that they give really nice recommendations!

So the point of this post really is that I am torn whether to keep on scrapping or reading, LOL! I still have a few hours to spare so I guess I am squeezing in a little of both! :D


Aug 01

Fiction in 140 Characters


It is not a secret that it is my dream to write anything literary or perhaps something that I can leave behind as my legacy. But I am too impatient to finish a story, truth be told. So after I found out people write very short fiction, I created another Twitter account where I can share stories, hoping that I can actually write. So far I’ve only got nine. I realized that I still need inspiration to write even if I only need 140 characters at most to complete it. Is that pathetic or what?! LOL! Here’s one:

He returned to an empty house & went about his business. As if nothing happened. But in truth, his world has ended & he still doesn’t know. ~ 12 July 2010

I hope to be inspired some more. I wish to write more often. I need to commit on doing this, then maybe later compile my work.

Please follow me on Twitter by clicking the image above or this. :)


Jul 26

PB: Klaire’s Baptism

I was finally able to finish the simple photo book of Klaire’s Baptism that I started in May. It’s so simple I did not even bother to post process some of the photos. I will just have to convert to 8×8’s before I can upload the pages in Artscow. Yes it took me that long to finish. And yes it took me that long to even start with it. K was baptized in March 2009!! Part of the reason is the lack of photos; they’re not enough to complete thirty pages (I just made a few adjustments) and the lack of inspiration too. I have been slacking in the scrapping department that my backlog is piling up. I have plans of doing at least two more photo books for K and then the loose pages to complete more pb’s. So much to do, so little time! (note: Badong, if you are reading this please don’t get me started on the wedding album, okay? LOL!) Anyway, here is the cover that I created:


And a page:


I only have 20 and 39-page coupons for the 8×8 photo book so I am still waiting for someone to give me her code if she’s not going to use it. Otherwise I’ll just order the 39-pages and will just use the last pages for possible notes.


Jun 07

Fiction in 140 Characters

Remember my fascination with Haiku? I like it because that is as far as my creative mind can go. LOL! And then now I read that fiction can actually be written using 140 characters. If the number of characters rings a bell, yes, that means fiction via Twitter! This is an art in itself because a writer must be able to convey the story, without giving the reader less chance to imagine, in a concise manner where words carefully selected. Wow, I hardly breathe typing that sentence! Anyway, I am given a spark of hope…that maybe I can try this out and submit contributions to Nanoism or PicFic.


May 22

I Miss Writing.

I am not claiming to be a very good writer nor have I written something that can make the reader say “Why didn’t I think of that?!” But I miss writing. I miss writing stuff that comes from the heart and even those pieces that I can proudly claim to have been well-thought of. These days, I always feel like I am racing against time. The results? Half-baked output. I know I am capable of writing more meaningful entries. I am an emotional being so I just know that I can channel my feelings and turn them into some art that I have always wanted to create. Maybe I am not trying hard enough?

This entry is a rant – a masked rant of how I am mismanaging my time :|


May 13

Dear Hacker.

And you did it again! :| This is not funny anymore, not funny at all. Please know that I am just a simple work-from-home mommy and a blogger whose intention is to share a part of me in the world wide web. If that is not easy to understand, it means: that thing you do stresses me out big time! And can you please attack someone else’s blog if you must? Attack someone who knows to fight you fair and square. Do not be a coward and punch someone who is helpless.

You bet I am going to seek a web developer’s help this time to make sure that you will never touch me again.