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Aug 23

LO Share (Finally!): My Precious


Credits: Template by Jacq Delfin; Papers and Elements from A Mother’s Love kit by Kristin Barrow and Scrap Kitchen.

This is the page that I started months ago and literally forgot about! As you will notice, the date stamp is April of last year, when the photos were taken. And this page is just my 9th layout for the year (in fairness to me, I have finished photo books :p). So by the rate I’m going, I’ll probably finish all of Klaire’s baby pictures in time for her 18th birthday, LOL! Anyway, this is the start, and I hope I can keep up!


Jul 03

July Desktop Wallpaper

Usually, I am able to find a really nice wallpaper QP for the next month days before the current month ends. However, for the last couple of months, nothing caught my fancy. In fact, my current wallpaper is still for the month of May!

So I went ahead and created one myself:

july wallpaper  I used Kay Miller’s Peaceful Moments kit and my own calendar stamp. This is simple yet I love how it turned out. Oh well, maybe I will create my own wallpaper from now on? We’ll see :)


May 19

LO Share: Tickled By Her Angel

Here is another layout I was able to finish before iNSD:


Credits: Template by Chrissy W, Ink Splatter by Tracy Ann, Stitching by Syrin, Tag by Eva Kipler, Everything else from Blissful Kit by Zoe Pearn (SSD)

Journaling reads: “There is an old Filipino saying that when a baby laughs by herself, her Angel just might be playing with her. I think that’s what happened on that day when we left Abi on the bed. Next thing we knew, she was cooing and smiling and looking up. Good thing Badong was able to capture the moment because I am quite sure that our baby was being tickled by her Angel. 11 April 2009.”

This is the last page that I did before I decided to work on the baptism photo book (already half way done as of this writing) so technically, I was not being idle with my scrapping needs. :) I was also able to turn Klaire’s birthday AVP into a 60-paged 5×7 photo book which I already ordered from Artscow. At least now I am sure that K has an album of her days before she turned a year old ;)


May 12

LO Share: Mixed Feeding

Hello all! I haven’t recovered from the long weekend yet. My body is telling me to go rest early tonight. I think I am going to oblige so I could officially start my week. I know it’s almost hump day but KWIM right? I am going to leave you tonight with one of my layouts of Klaire’s old pictures:


I am still not on track with my scrapping but I am trying my best to be updated. I pray for more energy!

Until the next one! :)


May 03

LO Share: Exercising the Lungs

I haven’t had the chance to scrap with my NSD loots yet. The only things I’ve done with them is unzip the files and let my Picasa scan them into the respective folders. But since I have not share the rest of the pages I scrapped last week, here’s one:


Credits: Pinned Ribbon by Natalie Braxton, A New Day Kit from SSD

Klaire was never a colicky baby – her bottles made sure of that, thankfully! So when there were times that she was upset, we let her cry her heart out. The elders say it is to exercise the lungs anyway ;) And what do silly parents do when this happens? Take pictures, of course! LOL!


Apr 27

LO Share: A Mother’s Lament

Guess who’s been scrapping?! Me!! I am happy to announce that I finished three pages in two days and I still have one more page which is 97% done. I Just need to put the journaling. I had to force Mr. Mojo to come this way because I really really want to finish Klaire’s Age 0 photo book. Work is scarce [:(] so I had the time to sit down and work on layouts. Here’s one of the pages:


I saw the need to blur the words before I posted in the net because the journaling came from one of my letters to K and the words are too personal to be shared to the world, KWIM? Watch out for the next pages. I hope to inspire all of you to scrap your memories!