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Aug 10

Flip Book Proposal

I find this really cute, unique and creative:

Jonathan’s proposal to Lindsey from Jonathan Lundberg on Vimeo.

It started as an idea to give away during their wedding day as souvenirs but it turned out to be the actual day Jonathan proposed to Lindsey.


Jul 12

Lens Pets by Mandee Franee Designs

I came across this product through my friend Diane’s site. I don’t usually spend time in Etsy but seeing this camera accessory just might change that. Aren’t these cute?

lens pets by Mandee Franee Designs

I think this is the best accessory to photograph kids, they will be “forced” to look at the lens unless they do not keep their spot and grab the lens pets! :D These are the four designs that caught my attention but the butterfly is my most favorite. Sayang, Diane already ordered, we could have had them shipped together. I will just have to find someone who will come from the US before I order, I guess.


Jun 21

Common Mistakes with Black and White Photos

Black and White photography is considered a pure art form. The photographer must be able to come across with the message despite the lack of color. Not everyone is able to convey the message when they shoot sans color because mistakes are commonly committed. I found this article that discusses those mistakes:

  1. Using the “convert to greyscale” option when post processing in Photoshop. Apparently, details are lost when this is used.
  2. Shooting with poor exposure.
  3. Taking ‘’Black” for granted.
  4. As well as the “White”. Both are needed.
  5. Converting without using Grey Tonality.
  6. Using a poorly calibrated monitor.
  7. Using the Black and White mode when shooting with the camera. It is always better to post process.
  8. Composing bad photos.

To read the entire article and the explanations, click here.


Jun 03

Common Mistakes of Aspiring Travel Photographers

I got this interesting 2-part article in my feeds and I thought it is worth sharing. It is about, as the title of this post suggests, the common mistakes someone who is new in travel photography usually commits. I will just list down the main ideas and will provide you with a link at the end of this post for the explanations :)

  1. Blaming the equipment for bad photos. (Man, it’s not the lens, it’s the eye!)
  2. Failing to research about the destination.
  3. Focusing on the main attraction that other interesting subjects in the surroundings  are missed.
  4. Lighting condition is everything, not being aware of it gives the photos a lesser impact.
  5. Missing a lot on artificial light but note that artificial light is not just about the flash.
  6. Letting the sights to overwhelm thus forgetting about composition.
  7. Not all captured dramatic or interesting moments are simply lucky shots.
  8. Limiting shots and not shooting enough frames.
  9. Failing to interact and connect with subjects of portraiture.
  10. Keeping close with the group.

Read the full articles here and here.


Apr 24

Shoes and Dress

We did not hire a professional photographer for Klaire’s birthday party in January. We just asked friends to take pictures from their cameras and they gladly obliged. My concern though was that some details may possibly be overlooked. So I decided to shoot K’s dress and shoes a few days before the party.



Can you tell I was trying to channel Ging Lorenzo?! LOL! Nah, these shots are amateurish that I just realized that I should also learn how to use the camera’s manual settings. I have a long way to go!