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Sep 07

AFD’s Credit Tracker


I saw this in Diane’s blog and thought that it is something that I can find useful when I scrap. I asked D if she tried it already but she told me that she haven’t purchased it yet. Knowing that this is a nifty tool, I bought it at once. It comes as a script and this is the first time that I am going to run a script in PS. I was reading the manual and it seemed all too technical for me. I probably need more time to study how it works ;)


Jun 23

Angel on Earth | And I Should Really be Scrapping Again!

Just the other day, I blogged something nice in my oldest blog. Yes, I have three new kits in my stash and I never thought I’d have some new ones again that soon. See I haven’t even played with all the stuff I got from iNSD and I shopped after that weekend too! This post is just to share my loots and maybe to remind myself also that I badly need to scrap once again ;)

This is the one I was drooling for before I received the GC:


Such a beauty isn’t it? The pages of the CT are also wonderful that they prompted me to buy this :) And here are the two other kits after I got the GC:



These kits are really inspiring me to sit down and work on my pages. But first let me thank my Angel on Earth. You know who you are. Thank you!


Jun 11

Pink Power Charity Collab Kit | Shabby Pickle Designs

I saw an update from one of my fan pages in FB about this wonderful Collab Kit for Charity called Pink Power. The kit has 68 papers, 3 alphas, 144 elements and word arts, and a template. The colors alone made me click the image to go to the store::


From the store’s product page:

All proceeds from the sale of Pink=Power after fees will be donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. This incredible organization is a leader in the fight against breast cancer and uses it’s funds for research, education, and outreach. Please visit their website to learn more.
The funds will be donated via Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Kristi Mahrt is training to walk 60 miles over 3 days in Denver this August and organized this kit to reach her fundraising goals. You can visit her fundraising page here.
Thanks to the following wonderful designers for coming together to make this gorgeous kit for such a great cause! Thank you!!! Amanda Rockwell * As You Wish * Chunlin * Crystal Livesay * Danielle Young, * Kay Miller * Kitty Chen * Kristi Mahrt * Kristin Cronin-Barrow * Lydia Designs * Microferk * Phuong Ton* Sabrina Dupre * Shabby Miss Jenn * Southern Charm* Tammy Conlan * Teresa Prince * Vera Lim

And when you buy the kit, there is a chance for you to win $125 worth of GC’s from various designers – you get the wonderful kit, you help and you might win some more. I love charity kits! And if you guessed if I bought this, then you are right. Now I really have to scrap, LOL!


May 15

{i}NSD Loots

Weeks after the iNSD was over, I am posting my loots. This is simply because I have not had the chance to play with all my purchases since unzipping them all! That is definitely something to be guilty about. I should stop buying if I do not plan on using them all, right? So again, I am posting the loots that I may be “pushed” to work on my pages!

kcbarrowbartolini-amotherslove-preview folder folder folder folder takeflight-pp-pip dunia-upsidedown folder folder folder fqb_perfectpair_LRG

Yes! All these plus the ones I already posted earlier! I told you I need to start working my arse off and put these goodies to use!


Apr 30

{i}NSD Came Early! :)

To the scrapping community, this weekend is a big one. Everyone is fixing their schedules to work around the weekend event. This weekend marks this year’s {Inter}National Scrapbooking Day (or weekend ;))! I do not usually join contests, chats or scrap sessions but I always look forward to price cuts and freebies from purchases! Yes, I splurge on kits during this time. This year, I started early because I could not resist these items from SMJ:



I got both for only a dollar each, such a steal right?! The template pack even came with PS Styles for the shadows which I welcome with a big smile (see, shadowing is a waterloo for me)! I cannot wait to see the rest of the offerings! :D