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Jun 21

Common Mistakes with Black and White Photos

Black and White photography is considered a pure art form. The photographer must be able to come across with the message despite the lack of color. Not everyone is able to convey the message when they shoot sans color because mistakes are commonly committed. I found this article that discusses those mistakes:

  1. Using the “convert to greyscale” option when post processing in Photoshop. Apparently, details are lost when this is used.
  2. Shooting with poor exposure.
  3. Taking ‘’Black” for granted.
  4. As well as the “White”. Both are needed.
  5. Converting without using Grey Tonality.
  6. Using a poorly calibrated monitor.
  7. Using the Black and White mode when shooting with the camera. It is always better to post process.
  8. Composing bad photos.

To read the entire article and the explanations, click here.